Every new season brings new challenges to the roof of your home. The fall and winter brings freezing temperatures and ice while the spring and summer bring high winds and turbulent storms. The roof of your home is designed to protect the other parts of the structure. Once in awhile the roof has trouble handling the elements and it will need a little roof repair.

Common Problems that Plague your Roof

One of the most common problems that you see with a roof is a discoloration of the shingles. When you look at the roof you may see dark sections that look like water draining off the roof or you may see green patches in some areas. This problem is caused by an alga (also known as roof mold) that has started growing on the roof. Over time the algae will destroy the shingles and that will allow water to drain into the home.

Another problem that plagues a roof is what is called curling shingles. Some shingles as they begin to age will start to curl up because of the heat of the sun and the cold of the winter. Shingles must be flat in order for them to protect the way they should. Curled shingles will also allow harmful substances like water or ice into the home.

The Best Way to Deal with Common Roof Problems

Roof Repair is an art that is learned over time. Many people have attempted to fix their roof issues only to find that the job is far too complicated. Repairing a roof takes special equipment and professional know-how in order to do the job right. To do the job right, simply call a roof contractor to ensure the repair method fits the problem.

Roofing expert will be able to get to the root of the problem. They will be able to clean the algae from the shingles without blowing the shingles off the roof structure. They will be able to replace the curled shingles with shingles that match the existing color. If you have found some problems with your roof do not put off fixing the problem any longer. Give a professional a call today and protect your home from serious damage.