Does your Central Kentucky Barn need Roof Repair?

New farmers used to build their barns first. Now people buying property with barns may not need them to farm at all. They may like the rustic appeal of having a barn. They may use them as art studios or car repair shops. Some owners even use them to store farm supplies and shelter livestock.

If you still use your barn for farming, you probably do not need to know the importance of barn roof repair. However, if you are new at this – or if you use your barn for some other purpose – you may neglect repairing your barn roof. You may not recognize how much barn maintenance also maintains your property values.

Barn Roof Protection

The roof protects all the rest of the wood inside your barn from the ravages of the elements. Even if it looks good at a glance, that could be wrong. For example, if your barn is old and has wooden shingles, those certainly were not the original shingles. Farmers often layered new wooden shingles over old. That offers parasites, and mold, a chance to infest the lower layers. These can spread to otherwise healthy wood in the rest of the barn, even if the top layer looks fine.

Making certain you have a healthy barn roof enhances your property value. That even matters if you only want your barn as a decoration. The better your barn looks, the more someone else will want to own it.

Keep Your Barn Roof Forever

For that matter, you may not want to own your barn forever– even if you plan to live out your life on your property. Then the reason to keep your barn roof repaired is simple. It covers a gold mine. One of the greatest growth areas in eco-friendly craft and construction is salvaging barn wood. Architects plan its use in new structures. Designers make furniture out of it. The fewer old barns exist, the more valuable the wood in those remaining becomes.

Whatever reason you have for protecting your barn, the same answer applies. Repairing your barn roof is not a maintenance expense. It’s sheltering a significant investment.