You mow the grass. You paint the house. You place caulk and wood sealant around the door and window frames to keep the drafts out. You do all the normal home maintenance to keep your house looking good and structurally sound for years to come.

Unfortunately, the one thing that most homeowners forget about is the roof. The roof is the most important structure of your house besides the foundation and the walls. It takes the brunt force of all the Lexington, Kentucky, weather every year. Without the proper maintenance, you could spend thousand of dollars in completely replacing your ruined roof.

Preventative roof maintenance helps to detect the potential problems in your roof so that the proper repairs can be made before the problems get any worse. This preventive maintenance should be performed at least twice a year with a thorough inspection done along those areas that wear down quickly.

We Know Roof Maintenance

Whether you have a gabled, flat, or hipped roof with slate, wood, shingles or other outer covering, your roof should be inspected by professionals who know what issues to look for that may be overlooked. A professional roofing company will clean all types of debris that could cause holes or rot. They will trim all overhanging tree branches to prevent dead limbs from ruining the roof. A roofing company will also perform the following maintenance:

  • Inspect flashing for holes and replace it if deteriorated
  • Remove all damaged caulking and sealant and reseal the areas
  • Clean gutters and inspect downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • Inspect chimneys for cracked mortar along bricks
  • Fix loose shingles and repair rotted roof boards

With the proper roofing company and preventative maintenance, your roof will last for years. Don’t wait until you develop a leak to call a roofing professional. By that time, you might have serious wood damage along the roof studs, dangerous mold will start to form, and any possessions located under the leak will become ruined.

So get your roof inspected now to make sure it is sound, and schedule regular maintenance with qualified roofing professionals who will locate the problems and fix them at great prices. Prevent your Lexington, Kentucky, home from falling into disrepair by calling the roofing professionals today.