Does Your Central Kentucky Barn Roof Need Replacement?

Repairing a barn roof requires a small investment compared to the greater challenge of barn roof replacement. More than one property owner has sought repairs only to find they would not be enough. Perhaps the barn was covered with layered generations of wooden shingles. In that case an inspector might have found old layers infested with bugs, or mold. These could transfer to beams or walls – so you really need to replace the whole roof.

Perhaps your barn roof has already fallen in. Barn roof replacement may be even more costly then, but it really becomes your only option. Not fixing means that your barn could become shelter for rodents and other pests. This could do more than draw a visit from the health department. All it takes is one adventurous neighborhood kid to wander into your barn and get hurt, and the next thing you know your in court facing a liability suit. The lawyer will emphasize how you neglected your responsibility to replace that roof.

Barn Roof Replacement Lexington, KY

The good news is that you have an excuse to change the barn roof material altogether. You can choose something easy to maintain, like a corrugated metal roof. You can choose asphalt shingles instead of those old wooden ones. Should you really want to go big time, and your beams are strong enough, you can shingle your new roof with slate – and that can last hundreds of years.

Whether or not your barn roof needs replacing, you may want to consider the 21st Century Rolls Royce of roof renovation. All that square footage could be making you money if you only had solar shingles. Thanks to modern technology, and the newly enhanced affordability of raw materials, you do not need to mount huge and unsightly panels on your roof to produce your own energy. Solar shingles allow you to turn as much of your barn roof as you want into one huge solar panel, and eventually your barn roof replacement can pay for itself.

Barn Roof Replacement Lexington, KY

All of these are just suggestions. As you can see, barn roof replacement offers you many chances for investment instead of just expense, Your own needs depend on your own circumstances, and a professional can help you sort out your best options.