Roof Flashing Repair Lexington, KY

Have you ever had to sweep bat droppings out of your attic, or spent a summer struggling with wasps that you just can’t seem to kill at the source? These are just a couple of problems from neglecting flashing repair. Bad or weak flashing seems a little problem when you first see it. The consequences of ignoring it have cost some homeowners their entire house.

Those seals and coverings around chimneys and vents, or guarding access to eaves, do more than keep rain from getting in. They keep vermin out as well. It would just amaze you how small a hole it takes for a bat to squeeze through — not to mention a yellow jacket. Rats can squeeze between your vent pipes and your roof, and just make themselves at home in your home.

Prevent Pest Problems

Roof Flashing Repair can mean preventing problem with animal protection laws. In some places if birds set up nests in your roof, some laws do not allow you to move the nests until the hatchlings have grown and gone. That can take months.

More than health and sanitation concerns arise from this — even more than property damage from gnawing or burrowing. Every open crack, every loose piece of flashing, is something the wind can grip like a handle. When tornadoes strike, stretching fingers through bad flashing, it may not matter how solid the rest of your roof is. Those gusts will peel back otherwise firm shingles. You can watch them sail off one at a time like dominoes into the sky.

It may not even take a full-fledged tornado. One harsh windstorm can ravage your house in a few moments, and bad flashing will let it in. That, however, is not the biggest threat.

Damage to your flashing could cause black mold

When a little bit of water seeps through where good flashing should be, in Kentucky it does not just dry out. The water lets black mold grow. It can easily and quietly spread through your whole house. Quietly and without warning it could leave your roof more useless than most windstorms likely would. Whether a swift catastrophe, or a slow infestation, the message is clear. Flashing repair is a small fix to save you big money in the long run.